ECG Event Recorder

CardioClip - Loop Recorder

Cardioclip is 3-channel loop ECG event recorder.

It features built-in solid state memory that holds up to 60 minutes of ECG signal.

With a simple press of the patient button, cardioclip records ECG data before and after the occurring event.

It can operate more than a week with a single AAA battery, which the patient can easily replace himself.

Cardioclip comes with a user-friendly Windows based PC software for a complete analysis by the physician.

Merlin - ECG event recorder in wristwatch

Merlin is a single channel ECG monitor and event recorder.

Its design –like a simple wristwatch- make it very comfortable for the patient.

More than 15 minutes of ECG data can be stored in its solid-state memory.

It can operate for several months with the same batteries.